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Welcome to 
McGarrah Farms
"The Place to Pick"

About the McGarrah Family (Farmer)

The McGarrah family moved to Northwest Arkansas in 1824 and has farmed in the area ever since. The McGarrahs started by growing tomatoes and strawberries. Since then, many other crops have been added. Pick your own produce has become a big part of our farming operation. Dennis (Farmer McGarrah) started farming in Lowell at age 11 with his grandparents. The McGarrahs grew tomatoes that they sold to the canning factory in Pea Ridge. Dennis then added strawberries to his crops in 1981. Through the years

his children and grandchildren have helped on the farm once they were old enough to walk. 

Our Mission

To provide Northwest Arkansas with fresh, top quality, locally grown produce some of which is even available in a "down on the farm" pick your own venue.

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